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During the height of the Vietnam war in 1968 (Chiến tranh chống Mĩ), the Vietnamese government established ties with PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). Vietnam was one of the first countries to recognize the state of Palestine, and the two countries have maintained really strong friendship relations since then. Both countries had forged a close bond during the struggle against occupation and colonialism.
But right now;
Palestine is under attack. Gaza, a coastal enclave of 1.8 million Palestinians, was bombarded by more than 1000 airstrikes from Israel in just a few days, killing at least 102 Palestinian civilians, most of whom are children and women. Israel has the fourth largest military power in the world, Gaza has neither army nor air force. The death toll of Palestinian lives is rising. 
Palestinians are our brothers and sisters.By all means, PLEASE SUPPORT PALESTINE.
Poster: by Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout, 1972
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From Bloody Weekend in Gaza, one of 42 photos. A Palestinian woman wearing clothes stained with the blood of other relatives, who medics said were wounded in Israeli shelling, cries in a hospital in Gaza City on July 20, 2014. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem) - Warning: Many of these photographs are graphic in nature.

'Don't beg for sympathy from a cruel world, rise and resist'
Soa’afat, Jerusalem. شعفاط، القدس
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Kinan and Saji Hallak murdered with their pregnant mother and father.Targeted only because they’re Palestinians #Gaza

كل الذي أملكه لسان ،

والنطق يا سيدتي أسعاره باهظة ، والموت بالمجان ،

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Make Dua for Palestine 
"I can’t believe that idiots supporting Israel still exist. Shame on them."
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"82 dead in Gaza. 20 under 16.
0 dead in Israel. ‘Both sides’."
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p.l.o information bulletin/january 1982

I have found an old Quran at my place. My mom told me that this Book was from her father who passed away. This Book might be over the 90 years old.. It’s just beautiful.